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Avon Taxi t&c



Vehicles can be booked by use of telephone, e-mail, and website.

When making a booking, the following information is required:

• Name of person booking the transport.
• Name and number of passenger(s).
• Start time of trip.
• Starting point of trip.
• End point of trip.
• When travelling to or from airport: flight number and airlines name, estimated check in or arrival time.
• Mobile phone number of passenger(s) on day of travel
• additional information (if any), such as excess luggage, etc

A – Von Taxi will contact you if the information provided is insufficient.

Booking Time Frame

Telephone bookings can be made at any time.

It is recommended that all email and web bookings are made well in advance (we recommend at least 6 hours) to guarantee a service. This is to cover delays in receipt of emails, over booking situations etc.

When a booking is made by phone, it is verified over the phone immediately.

E-mail and web bookings have to be confirmed by A – Von Taxi.


There will be no cancellation charges if a booking is cancelled more than two hours before the collection time, so long as the driver has not already left for the job.

Cancellations can be made by using any booking method during office hours. The response time will be the same as for bookings.

Cancellation Charges

Cancellation charges are imposed at the discretion of A – Von Taxi.

Cancellations made less than two hours before the collection time, or after the driver has left for the job, are charged up to 80% of value of job.

Cancellations on arrival at the collection point are charged at 100% of value of job, plus any waiting time and any other expenses such as car parking, congestion charge, etc.

Airport Collections

Customer Receiving Service

A driver will arrive at the meeting point at the estimated time of landing, as announced by the airport authorities, unless otherwise advised. Once in the arrivals hall, passengers should proceed to the meeting point as discussed or at the arrival gate and look out for the driver who will be holding a sign with A – Von Taxi and the passenger’s name(s) on it:

When the arrivals hall is busy it is difficult for passengers to find their driver. Passengers who have not located their driver must contact A – Von Taxi immediately and should not leave the arrivals hall. If the passenger decides to leave without contacting A – Von Taxi, then the passenger is liable for the full charge.

Waiting Time Charges

If after 30 minutes (45 minutes for long haul flights) from the estimated time of arrival, as announced by the airport authorities, the passenger has not shown, waiting time charges will be incurred in accordance with the current waiting price.

Waiting time charges will not be incurred if the delay could have been anticipated and avoided, e.g. by monitoring the flight schedules and estimated time of arrival, up to the point when the driver has to set off for the airport (please allow for travel time from Camberley to respective airports).

If a passenger feels that 30/45 minutes is not adequate for the passenger to clear immigration and customs and be at the meeting point, the passenger can ask for the driver to arrive at the meeting point x number of minutes after the estimated arrival time, giving the passenger a larger time frame before incurring charges.

General Waiting Charges

Waiting time charge is not imposed if passenger comes out within 15 minutes of the designated collection time, unless otherwise agreed. If passenger comes out after that, waiting time is implemented from the designated time of collection in accordance with the waiting price list.

A waiting time charge will be imposed if a driver is kept waiting at any time during a trip.

The waiting time charge is rounded up to the nearest 10 minutes for all trips.

Non Show up Charges

If a passenger does not show for a booking the job will be charged at 100% of order value, plus any waiting time and any other expenses such as car parking, congestion charge, etc. This is at the discretion of the company. Before deeming that the traveller will not show, the driver will try to contact him/her at the number supplied. If no number has been supplied, the driver will wait for up to 15 minutes from the booking time for general collections and up to 75 minutes from landing time for airport collections.


The driver has the right to decline transportation of passengers if they are or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Fares will be charged at the full rate.

Passengers who are physically sick in the vehicle or whose actions cause the vehicle to be taken off the road, resulting in a loss of income, will be charged for any cleaning/repair costs of the car as well as our hourly rate for the number of hours that the car is off the road.


Trips can be paid for by using cash and credit card.

An explanation on the pricing and charging principles shall be given to the passengers if they wish so.

Travel Detail

A – Von Taxi can supply client with a travel detail which will include the following information:

  • date
  • pick-up time
  • payment method (cash or credit card)
  • name of travellers
  • starting point
  • destination point
  • distance travelled, unless the cost for the trip is fixed
  • driver’s name
  • Charged sum; itemised on all cost elements (travel fare, waiting time, other charge etc.)

A – Von Taxi Responsibilities

A – Von Taxi is responsible for ensuring that their cars are at all times in a good, roadworthy condition. All taxes, including but not limited to Vehicle Excise Duty and road fund licence, and road taxes, must have been paid.

When applicable, the cars must have passed the MOT inspection.

The cars must be insured in a manner generally approved in the trade, or as advised by the regulating authority.

All drivers must have a valid driver’s license and a taxi driver’s license allowing them to professionally transport passengers; including an operator’s license where applicable.

The drivers must be in good health and when driving they shall not be tired, under the influence of medication, alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances or otherwise in such a condition that the driver apparently will be jeopardising the general traffic safety and the safe journey of the travellers.

A licence plate must be displayed on the vehicle unless exempt; and in all cases the driver must have his taxi licence in the vehicle and, upon request, it must be presented to the passenger.

A – Von Taxi must adhere to all relevant Health and Safety regulations in force.


All conversation between passengers or should the passenger conduct phone conversations during the trip, anything that the driver may hear will be regarded as confidential.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

In the event of any conflict between the terms of this Agreement, the terms of the Agreement shall prevail.

A person who is not a party to this Agreement shall have no right under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any of its terms.

Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Quotations are valid for 14 days.

A – Von Taxi accepts no responsibility for any delays caused by circumstances outside its control.

By booking a car with A – Von Taxi, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set above.